EXTAL is a company based in Quebec that offers complete furniture relocation, storage and installation services. By way of our two business locations, we are able to serve the entire province of Quebec.

Our employees make all the difference! Though some important projects require occasionally hiring additional personnel, the wide majority of our mandates are completed using our permanent staff made up of certified experts, trained and supervised by a team of experienced managers.

EXTAL holds the Professional Certification discerned by the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers)



Be the partner of choice of all companies specialized in furniture sales.


Ensure the flawless execution of all logistical activities surrounding the relocation, reconfiguration and installation of furniture.


Offer fair and competitive prices within a turnkey-type proposition.


Develop intelligent solutions that showcase all furniture capital while respecting budgetary allowances.

Our field employees (movers/installers) wear their uniform proudly and are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to complete their duties quickly and effectively.


We are equipped with our own fleet of trucks and other equipment needed to move, store and handle furniture with care and professionalism.


There are no surprises. Every step surrounding the execution of our mandates is handled by a specialist:

Customer relations



Our guarantee, our brand promise

Our brand promise relies on our values of respect and the commitment of our employees toward completing every client project as if it were our own. EXTAL attaches a great importance to the well-being of its employees, thereby promoting a sense of pride within the organisation within which every member plays an important role.

Accordingly, our guarantee is defined by our capacity to find intelligent solutions with our clients and therefore optimize the project to be completed.


Our Services

Whatever the industry, we have the required experience.
Over the last 25 years, our managers have had the opportunity to complete
mandates of various sizes and complexity in the following sectors:

Activity Sectors















Bureaux de

Types of Services

Whether it be for small to medium businesses or Fortune 500 companies, we have masterfully executed the following tasks:

  • Installation of furniture and integrated systems
  • Space reconfiguration
  • Furniture reassignment and modification
  • Short, medium and long-term storage
  • Configuration plan
  • Furniture removal*
  • Moving of offices and relocation of companies
  • Repair and modification of furniture
  • Dismantling and installation of rail filing systems
  • Regular delivery on construction sites
  • Budgetary price, planning and management of projects
  • Disconnection and connection of computers
  • Free estimate



Last 12 Months


Furniture Removal

Our Ecological Conscience

Thanks to measures undertaken over several years, EXTAL is an industry leader in environmental consciousness. These measures, which center on transportation and waste disposal efficacy, not only contribute to the protection of the environment but also allow companies to make substantial savings which in turn positively impact client invoices.

EXTAL is aware that its fleet emits greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and is committed to raising awareness at all levels of the organization regarding the importance of reducing these emissions through small daily acts, such as simply turning off an engine instead of letting it idle.

The company recycles cardboard, wrapping paper and old metal, and works together with its business partners and several other institutions to find new uses for used furniture and different ways to use other residual materials.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

EXTAL considers its human resources to be its main asset. Therefore, we are conscious that the occupational health and safety of our personnel is a priority for their personal security and the effective functioning of the company.

Our health-safety program is rigorously monitored in order to ensure that the measures implemented to constantly improve the safety both at client sites and on construction sites are as efficient as they can be. EXTAL has a written policy on occupational health-safety that is provided to each employee and displayed on company grounds.


Our Team

EXTAL was established in 2005, but its principal managers have operated within the industry for over 25 years.

Our structure is simple, and each project is assigned a senior manager that guarantees the excellence of all facets of our mandates.

Pierre-Olivier Dufour

Pierre-Olivier Dufour
Associate, Executive Director

Pierre-Olivier completed his studies at the Collège Français in Montreal and holds a B.B.A. in Business Administration from Laval University. As Executive Director, he skillfully manages the company. Despite his young age, Pierre-Olivier has managed to climb up the ladder, first working as a mover, a packer, a class 1 driver-mover, a dispatcher, a representative and project manager and as director of the commercial department. He has surrounded himself with experienced individuals renowned in the integrated furniture installation and moving industry.

Ian Parent

Ian Parent
Associate, Director, Montreal Division

Ian has completed training in business administration at Rosemont College and Mount Royal University. He has worked for several years for international-scale companies. This experience, combined with his expertise in commercial moving and integrated furniture installation over more than 5 years, make him a high-level resource person. Ian is in charge of managing the Montreal division.

Robert Piché

Robert Piché
Director, Business Development

Robert holds a License in Administration Science from Laval University and is a member of the Ordre des Administrateurs Agréés du Québec (Adm.A.). He acts as a manager for sales, business development and customer service. His many years of experience combined with his various networks of contacts have allowed him to position EXTAL as a prime solution for company relocation and office furniture installation throughout Quebec.

Yanik Rousseau

Yanik Rousseau 
Sales Consultant

Yanik holds as B.B.A. in Education from Laval University. He was a hockey coach in Geneva, Switzerland, for over 5 years. He has been in the commercial moving and integrated furniture installation industry for several years. He acts as a commercial representative and project manager, and his experience and expertise are very much appreciated by his clients.

Genevieve Roussel

Geneviève Roussel
Administrative Director

Geneviève is in charge of the payroll department and all files related to the human resources activities of the company. She is a dynamic and cheerful partner with several years of experience in administration and a passion for teamwork.

Mario Savard

Mario Savard
Manager, Quebec Operations

Mario holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, Marketing and Management from Laval University. He has amassed several years of experience in the management of archives and documentation centres, as well as the analysis and presentation of solutions to clients. He also makes sure to implement the proposed solutions and supervises their application. He acts as Director of operations at EXTAL in Quebec and contributes to improving operational processes and customer service.

Yves Beaulne

Yves Beaulne
Directeur de compte

Yves œuvre dans le domaine du mobilier de bureau depuis plus de 30 ans, durant ces années il a occupé des postes variés tel qu’installateur, Chargé de projet, Directeur des opérations et Directeur du service. Les succès d’Yves ont toujours passé par les relations et satisfaction de sa clientèle. Il saura mettre son expérience et connaissances a votre service.


Patrice Paré
Superviseur, répartition et opérations

Avec nous depuis quelques années, Patrice s’occupe du département des opérations à notre succursale de Montréal. Ayant débuté comme chauffeur et ensuite promu en tant chef d’équipe, il a su démontrer un
Dynamisme constant et le souci du travail bien fait avec comme priorité de la satisfaction des clients ainsi le bien-être de nos équipes. Il contribue à améliorer les processus opérationnels ainsi qu’à créer des équipes performantes au service de nos clients.

Julie Bédard

Julie Bédard
Administrative Assistant

Having joined the organization in 2017, Julie takes care of various administrative tasks while providing support to the sales department. Her adaptability at the reception desk and capacity to welcome clients both in person and on the phone, make her a front-line ambassador and valued professional partner of the company.